Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey everyone!
I hope all of you are doing fine! Crewe is just such an amazing place to serve and to be. It maybe a little rough around the edges but I love it either way. We had such an amazing miracle happen on Sunday for me and Elder Methorst and I love to share that with you:
We were going by some people we teach before we went to a ward fireside. Before we went into the chapel, we decided that day we would go to a nearby neighborhood and talk to some people about the Family Proclamation to the World. We began to tract or to door knock on a few houses before the fireside began. We knocked on a few doors and then we came to this one door. A woman answered the door and then I said to her, "Hi we're sharing a message on how families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's Plan!" It was pretty chilly that night and she invited us in to talk to her. We then properly introduced ourselves. Her name was Carol and she told us that she knew a little bit about the Church. She said that she has never been to our Church before but always sees the members go inside. She came in conatct with a few of the members before. We then shared about the Book of Mormon and then she told us that she had a copy but lost it. We gave her a copy, invited her to Church and she said she would think about it. We then had a prayer with her in her home. After we left we were prompted to give a prayer of thanksgiving for the miracle we have experienced. What a true tender mercy from the Lord!
Why I share that with all of you is that the Lord will always want to bless us. Some of you are going through trials at this very moment and think that the Lord has taken away that safe haven. I testify to you all that the Lord is always, always, ALWAYS there but sometimes we distance ourselves from Him. We need to draw ourselves to Him and turn our problems on Christ so that He can teach us. Now I want to say thank you for your constant prayers and for your love for me and for those who are serving in the Lord's vineyard. I love you all.
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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