Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey everyone!
Before I begin I just wanted to let Erin, Rebekah and Sam that I received your letters! I will try to write you all by today if I can! Thank you for your letters and your words of sincerity and also your great stories!
So last week was so good! We were pleased to have a Multi Zone Conference in Manchester last Tuesday! Elder Stephen Kerr of the Area Seventy here spoke to us. He is such a Preach My Gospel guru! Most of his talk consisted of things written in Preach My Gospel which was so good! He also talked about the importance of keeping a journal! This was something that caught my eye! He talked about how that even the Book of Mormon was a pile of journals written by the prophets in the Americas! He went on to say about the different examples of people in the Book of Mormon who were poor record keepers and those who were top notch record keepers! I thought to myself: "What kind of 'record keeper' am I?" It made me realize that I need to write in my journal every day so that I can remember the things that happened to me these two years. So I am starting to change my ways and writing in my journal each night.
May we all try our best to be 'record keepers' in the things that happen in our lives whether it be a blessing that came true, things that would change your life, or just random things that happened in your day today. Thank you all for the love and the prayers offered in my behalf; I truly feel them every single day. Take care!
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey there!
So last week has been so crazy! The reason why I say its been crazy is because last week I was sick for a few days! I guess I am just not use to the British germs that are here. Back at home, I would never get sick; I never even needed a flu shot! Its been so insane how sick I was but no worries though; I am not sick anymore which is so wonderful!
Tomorrow is Zone Conference which is going to be so good! It has been a while since we had a big Zone Conference! Whats going to be a big challenge is that we will have to get up at around 530am so that we can catch the train into Manchester then take the bus to the chapel where the conference will be at! The life of a missionary is truly a crazy one but I wouldn't have it any other way.
In my personal study, I've been studying this question that my mission president gave to me to study. That question is: How do I develop gratitude? I truly thought about that for a little bit. I realized that we can develop gratitude for what we have by prayers of thanksgiving, selfless service to others, and living complaint free lives. As we do these things, we see that even in sore trials, that we don't have it all that bad. We have our families, friends and blessings to enjoy! There are some people who don't have those things to enjoy so remember to constantly thank your Heavenly Father for everything you do have.
Thank you for your prayers and for the love you all show to me. I love you all very much and I hope you all have a great week!
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1) Me and Sister Loh (She is in my MTC group!)
2) Me eating at the Carvery!
3) Sister Hull and Sister Hanson who are also serving in Crewe
4) Elder Hough!

Hey everyone!
So I will be staying in Crewe for another 6 weeks at least! I am so glad that I am able to stay in Crewe because we have 7 new investigators here and we hope to get a few to be baptized by the end of this transfer. I will keep you all posted on how they are doing! Oh by the way, here is the Crewe address if you want to send me a letter:
Elder Terrence Taylor
14 Hightown Apartments
Flag Lane
Crewe, Cheshire
United Kingdom
It is crazy how time flies and that I've already been out for 6 months! I need to make everyday count and not waste my time! I have been truly blessed and have learned so much about myself in these months that I probably wouldn't have learned if I were at home. The work in this mission is hastening! We have 33 new missionaries who came today (Wednesday). I am so happy to be apart of this wonderful work! I am so grateful for my Savior and Redeemer and the love that he shows me and to all of God's children! Thank you for the constant prayers in my behalf; I truly need them. Until next time, keep smiling!
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey everyone!
First let me just say thank you for constantly seeing what is going on in my life as a missionary. Also to let Brother and Sister Mabry know that I received your letter and wrote you all back. Also to let you know that transfers are next Wednesday and I do not know where I will go. So don't mail any letters to the Crewe address; if you want to send me a letter, use the mission address.
I cannot believe that this transfer has flown by!!! It felt just yesterday I landed in Manchester to go to the MTC! Last week was Multi-Zone Sports Day! It was so good to see some of my good friends in the mission and play sports with them. I was talking to some of my friends in my MTC group and they can't believe that we've been out for a while now! We've been out for 6 MONTHS!!!! This made me realize that I need to make every moment count whilst I'm here on my mission. I am enjoying my time here in the Crewe area and serving so many great people! Me and Elder Methorst now have 2 new investigators who are originally from the Czech Republic! Their names are Daniel and Barbara and they have 3 kids! They are so receptive to the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we hope that they will accept to be baptized mid March! We are ready for whatever the adversary is ready to throw our way.
I've been reading alot in the New Testament; mainly about the Apostles of Jesus Christ and their ministry on the earth. They were faced with hard trials and adversity from all sides but they never gave up; they relied on the Lord to strengthen them and He did. I realized that I need to rely more on the Lord especially in this work. I pray that all of you who read this blog will rely on the Lord to strengthen you. Thank you for your love and your prayers; I truly need them constantly.
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor