Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello there!
Now before I begin with the miracles of the mission, I just want to thank those who wrote me. Ashley Smith, Ian Vicino, Louis Wilson, David Paxman and Rebekah Layton you are so awesome! Thank you oh so much for the letters; they really bring me happiness! I will try my best to write back to you all as soon as I have time (as a missionary, time runs so fast!).
So last Thursday we had President Patrick Kearon who is part of the Europe Area Presidency addressed the whole mission. It was such a revelatory experience for me! He talked alot about how we need to be as missionaries of the Lord. He simply said that we need to be ourselves in the work; the Lord has called us to serve Him in our field of labor to be ourselves! The Spirit woke me up to realize that I do not need to be like my trainer or anyone else in the mission; I need to be Elder Taylor and that is all that the Lord needs of me. President Kearon also emphasized how we need to choose to be happy everyday. He stated that we need to say to ourselves, "I am going to be happy today!" It was just a great awakening to me! There have been some days where I was so angry at Elder Sutton and I would lose my temper with him. I found that I didn't choose that day to be happy. Now everyday I choose to be happy no matter what the circumstance may be; no one will ruin my day or let someone ruin my day. Last week I learned alot about myself and how I should carry myself as one who is an example to others by striving to be happy and become like my Savior Jesus Christ.
I testify that Jesus Christ lives and because He lives, I have a reason to smile. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect in every way. I know that when we have trials to face we can look to the Savior for guidance and at the end of that trial comes the blessings He promises us. Thank you all for your prayers and your love for me; they truly make me happy and help me press on in the work of the Lord. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey there!
WOW! Such a great week here in Whitefield! First I went on my first exchange and it was very great! I've learned so much from that exchange alone. We talked to so many people and set up an appointment. The Elder I was on the exchange with was Elder Marjeanen from Finland. The next day (Saturday) we had a District Blitz which is where as a district, we were finding for 3 1/2 hours in a place called Bolton! It was so much fun! We set up so many appointments and talked to some great people and of course not so great of people. Before the Blitz while on the bus, I talked to this lady named Ann. She is a caregiver and a fellow Christian. I started a conversation with her and at the end of the convo, I asked if she wanted to read from the Book of Mormon that I had in my hand. She rejected it when I did. Then we talked a little bit and when the bus got to the bus station she asked, "Could I take a look at that book?". I could not believe it; she wanted to read from the Book of Mormon. Of course I gave her the copy I had in my hand and I bore testimony of its truthfulness.
We then got back to Whitefield that evening and we went back to work. We were talking to everyone we saw and then we ran into a man named Paul. He lived around us and he told us about his family and his struggles. We taught him a little about the Plan of Salvation. He then asked us if we could pray for his family and so we did right on the spot. We then continue to walk and we met a man named Aaron. Aaron came in contact with sister missionaries a year ago in Manchester. He then told us that he knew that we would stop and talk to him. We set up an appointment to meet with him on Tuesday. All of a sudden we see a car park in a lot and then a man comes out... IT WAS PAUL. Paul then asked us to pray for him. Me and Elder Sutton asked him if we could give him a blessing. We did and the Spirit was so strong so much that Paul was tearing up and we started to tear up. He gave us a hug and kept moving on. Last Saturday was TRULY and Day of Miracles!
I testify of the Divinity of the Savior. I know that He lives and because He lives, I feel at peace. I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey there!
So I just wanted to share a miracle that happened to me last night so here it goes. Me and Elder Sutton were tracting a street on Sunday. We had some really good conversations with a few people and set up an appointment which was pretty good for a tracting time. We then decided to turn around and start tracting the other side. We then got to this house and we knocked on it. A man answered the door and we greeted him, told him what we were sharing with people and then he said, "My girlfriend is a member of your Church. She is in here." He invites us in and we meet her. She was a less-active member named Carren! She shared with us that she left the Church because her parents and her son died and she is really upset with God because she won't be able to see them until the next life. She still recognizes that the Plan of Salvation is true. I shared with her about how I lost my Grandmother and how the Gospel and the Church helped me to cope with her death. Also my testimony about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was present in her home and in the lesson. We then left our number, said a prayer and left. Today (Monday) we received a call from Carren and she asked us to come for dinner this Sunday!!! We are so excited for that appointment with her and her boyfriend!
I testify that EXACT obedience brings forth miracles in abundance. I also testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Oh how I love my Savior and His Atoning sacrifice for me and you. I say these things in His name, even Jesus Christ, Amen!
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor
PS- Here is my new address to my new flat. *Use this for LETTERS ONLY(Use this till Nov. 10th):
5 Speyside Close
M45 8SP
United Kingdom

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey there Family and Friends!
So before I begin let me just say that General Conference was SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! A temple in TUCSON, ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got so emotional to hear about the temple announced and I still am. Also about the age change for missionaries; ALL young men can go at 18 years old and ALL sisters can go when they are 19 YEARS OLD!!! I thank thee oh God for a Prophet in these Latter Days. God is SO GOOD!!!!
So now I am in a new area called Whitefield which is in the suburbs of Manchester! I am very sad that I have been transferred off the Isle of Man; I will miss the people on the Isle but for those who are from the Isle, I want y'all to know that I love you all so much and I will always remember you and I will come back to visit. I am still with my trainer Elder Sutton and now we are in a 4 man flat with Elder Methorst and Elder Calder. Elder Calder was in my MTC group and he is such a great missionary. I am excited to get to work here in Whitefield.
So for Rong Xin Zhou: We aren't going to be able to see him get baptized but he will be baptized on Saturday!!! He will be so great and just so strong in the Church!
I testify that this is the Lord's work and the Lord's time I am on. I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect in everyway because it was designed by Him. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God. I testify of these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey there!

Before I start I just wanted to give you some warning: Transfers are next week so for mailing, just use the mission address.
I can't believe its already another transfer; time just flies by you especially in the Lord's work!

So last Tuesday was my birthday! My first birthday on a mission was a little bit weird but so awesome! I want to thank first my mother for raising me and nurturing me to be the young man I am today! I want to thank my sisters and nephews for their love for me and their example to me! And last but not least the Haws family for the birthday wishes! So on my birthday me and Elder Sutton worked hard and talked to so many people and set up some really good appointments with people. Such great miracles are happening here on the Isle of Man. The Sayle Family (from the ward) threw me a birthday dinner to honor my birthday! I had the greatest time there and felt the love that they had for me and my companion. Its like I've been friends with them for long time with the Sayle's and I love them dearly. Brother Head was also there at my dinner party! He always looks out for the missionaries and I can count him as my brother in the Gospel. The whole day was perfect with miracles, friendship and BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

So Rong Xin Zhou is FINALLY scheduled on the 13th of October! We would baptize him this weekend but it is General Conference this weekend. Rong is just such an amazing lad who is progressing everyday and really dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish we could always run into a 'Rong' of our own! We keep him in our prayers always and the Lord keeps blessing him with the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel!

To those who wrote me: I promise I will write you all back when I get the chance today! Me and Elder Sutton are going across to England on the Ferry for my 5 week training that all the new missionaries go to. I am totes excited for this and really excited to see my MTC friends that are in the mission and share stories and miracles.

So I finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in the mission field. What a powerful book of scripture! If you get a chance, read in Ether 12 and Moroni 8 & 10; these scriptures are just so powerful and just gives you a reassurance of the truthfulness of this book. I testify that the Book of Mormon brings people closer to God and gives them more happiness in life. I testify that President Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's prophet on the Earth today. As we listen to a prophet's voice this weekend, we will be strengthened and well nourished for things to come. I love you all very much. Thank you for the prayers and the love that you all have shown unto me. The Lord is always mindful of you so always remember Him and what he has done for you.

With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor