Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey there!

Before I start I just wanted to give you some warning: Transfers are next week so for mailing, just use the mission address.
I can't believe its already another transfer; time just flies by you especially in the Lord's work!

So last Tuesday was my birthday! My first birthday on a mission was a little bit weird but so awesome! I want to thank first my mother for raising me and nurturing me to be the young man I am today! I want to thank my sisters and nephews for their love for me and their example to me! And last but not least the Haws family for the birthday wishes! So on my birthday me and Elder Sutton worked hard and talked to so many people and set up some really good appointments with people. Such great miracles are happening here on the Isle of Man. The Sayle Family (from the ward) threw me a birthday dinner to honor my birthday! I had the greatest time there and felt the love that they had for me and my companion. Its like I've been friends with them for long time with the Sayle's and I love them dearly. Brother Head was also there at my dinner party! He always looks out for the missionaries and I can count him as my brother in the Gospel. The whole day was perfect with miracles, friendship and BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

So Rong Xin Zhou is FINALLY scheduled on the 13th of October! We would baptize him this weekend but it is General Conference this weekend. Rong is just such an amazing lad who is progressing everyday and really dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish we could always run into a 'Rong' of our own! We keep him in our prayers always and the Lord keeps blessing him with the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel!

To those who wrote me: I promise I will write you all back when I get the chance today! Me and Elder Sutton are going across to England on the Ferry for my 5 week training that all the new missionaries go to. I am totes excited for this and really excited to see my MTC friends that are in the mission and share stories and miracles.

So I finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in the mission field. What a powerful book of scripture! If you get a chance, read in Ether 12 and Moroni 8 & 10; these scriptures are just so powerful and just gives you a reassurance of the truthfulness of this book. I testify that the Book of Mormon brings people closer to God and gives them more happiness in life. I testify that President Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's prophet on the Earth today. As we listen to a prophet's voice this weekend, we will be strengthened and well nourished for things to come. I love you all very much. Thank you for the prayers and the love that you all have shown unto me. The Lord is always mindful of you so always remember Him and what he has done for you.

With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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