Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey everyone!
Before I begin I just wanted to let Erin, Rebekah and Sam that I received your letters! I will try to write you all by today if I can! Thank you for your letters and your words of sincerity and also your great stories!
So last week was so good! We were pleased to have a Multi Zone Conference in Manchester last Tuesday! Elder Stephen Kerr of the Area Seventy here spoke to us. He is such a Preach My Gospel guru! Most of his talk consisted of things written in Preach My Gospel which was so good! He also talked about the importance of keeping a journal! This was something that caught my eye! He talked about how that even the Book of Mormon was a pile of journals written by the prophets in the Americas! He went on to say about the different examples of people in the Book of Mormon who were poor record keepers and those who were top notch record keepers! I thought to myself: "What kind of 'record keeper' am I?" It made me realize that I need to write in my journal every day so that I can remember the things that happened to me these two years. So I am starting to change my ways and writing in my journal each night.
May we all try our best to be 'record keepers' in the things that happen in our lives whether it be a blessing that came true, things that would change your life, or just random things that happened in your day today. Thank you all for the love and the prayers offered in my behalf; I truly feel them every single day. Take care!
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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