Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Thank you again for the birthday wishes! My mom told me many of you wrote or told her to wish me a happy birthday! For that I am grateful! :) Also Lisa Tenney I got your letter and I will be writing you as soon as I can! :)

So this week was pretty good and really busy! So remember I wrote about Dan last week.... so he actually ditched out on us and we weren't able to reach him! GRRRRRrrr..... all well keep pressing forward. Other than that, we've had great success with our other investigators! Also the Bishop and his counselors have been helping us in our missionary work here in the area! They have prayed and fasted for a few areas that we will be working in. We received the appointed areas on Sunday and now we will be doing our best to constantly do work in those areas! We can't wait to see the miracles that will happen as we work in the areas we have been asked to work in! I love being apart of this work and the Holy Spirit that dwells within me!

I know that this work is true and that it is the work of Almighty God and that no unhallowed hand can stop the work! As Conference time comes around let us be spiritually prepared to receive what the Lord would have us do to better our lives! How I love my Saviour Jesus Christ! These truths I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! :)

With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor :)

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