Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey Everyone!

So this week has been great! So many great things are happening here in Birkenhead! Let me share a miracle that happen to us a few days ago:

So the first week we were here we spoke to this man named Dan on the train on his way to Moreton! We spoke to him, gave him a Book of Mormon and gave him a pass along card with our number on there. After he left, we realized that we had the wrong number on there! We were so frustrated! We thought all was lost but then we realized that we may see him again or he may get on the website so we were at peace. Then just a few days ago we were on a bus going to contact an Investigator. We then saw Dan get on the bus!!!! We greeted him friendly and asked how he was doing! He said he was doing well! We then asked him if he read the Book of Mormon and he said he did and that he read half of it already!!!!! He then said he was trying to phone us but it wasn't the right number and then we told him we also realized that we gave him the wrong number. We then gave him our correct number and set up a time to meet with him this week!!!! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!!

I know that the Lord is truly preparing people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this very moment and that we can truly be that way of having people come unto Him! This I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! :)

With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor :)

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