Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey everyone!
Just to remind you: You can now email me if you like! My email address is So if you want you can email and I will try my best to respond!
So next week is transfers and this week is transfer planning! I am so nervous to hear what will happen to me! Every missionary panics about this week (and I bet some of you returned missionaries know how that feels!). If I leave Crewe, I really want to be called to Wales! I heard it is really beautiful! Elder Methorst thinks I will stay and that I will train here! That would be SO scary; yet fun at the same time! Whelp we will see! I love being here in England and the UK; I have learned so much I've been out here! These 7 MONTHS have transformed me and helped me become a better person because of it! Also for those who are leaving out on their missions, always remember that the Lord wants you to be you! That is why He has called you to that specific place because the people there need YOU!
Thank you all for the constant prayers in my behalf for I can truly feel them as I go throughout my days! May the Lord bless you all in rich abudance!
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor :)

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