Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey Everyone!
IMPORTANT NEWS: I can now email to you all! I know it is a little expensive to send letters snail mail so you can now email me! My email address is: So if you would like to still send me snail mail, I would still love it! But to safe you some post expense you can email me.
So last Sunday was Mother's Day here in the UK! It made me think of my own mother and all the things she has and still does for me. Truly mothers are such a blessing in the lives of all of us! Also something else that happened on Sunday is that me and Elder Methorst taught Primary! It was my first time EVER teaching a Primary class! It was pretty fun and the children are so knowledgable about the Gospel. Truly future kingdom builders. But don't get me wrong it was tough to have them pay attention to the lesson being given. Still you can't get mad at them for their enthusiasm! :) I am enjoying my time here in Crewe and we see miracles everyday here. I love my mission and I cherish the people that I have been able to meet and associate with on the Isle of Man, Whitefield, here in Crewe and of course the missionaries here in the England Manchester Mission!
I bear witness that that this work is truly the work of Almighty God! I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who invites us all to 'Come unto Him'. I love the people here in the United Kingdom and I cherish this time I have to serve them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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