Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey everyone!
Before I start I want the Mabry's and Rebekah Layton to know that I will write you all ASAP! So next week is another transfer down! I cannot believe how fast this transfer has gone! Life on a mission just passes by too quickly! Also if you are too lazy to write via snail mail you can email me at:
So last P-Day, our District went to go see the oldest Iron Bridge in the world which is in our area! It was pretty amazing! I love going to museums and famous sites! I love history and Great Britain is the best place for historians to go to! It was great to hang out with the district and just have fun with each other! Last week was pretty challenging though: so many appointments fell through. But that doesn't get me down at all; we went into our Area Book to call up Former Investigators and we set up an appointment with one of them this week! Talk about tender mercy! This week is going to be super busy but we love being busy; keeps us on our toes!
I've learned so much about scripture study this week; it gives me peace and understanding in my life! It is a great blessing that I am able to study the scriptures personally for an hour! It gives me hope that one day that I can dwell with my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ again after this life! I challenge you all to start reading your scriptures daily! I promise you as you do, you will feel burdens be lightened and your desires to serve God increase! These truths I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor :)

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