Monday, November 5, 2012

to me
Hey there!
Before I begin I just wanted to let those who have written me I will write you all today! To my friend Sheyla: I got your letter last Monday after P-Day ended so today I will be writing you back! Life as a missionary is constant go, go, go and no stop, stop, stop LOL!
So I have noticed that I haven't told you all about the culture here in England! The letters I get you all ask how the culture is over here compared to the culture in the United States. Well I will tell you! England, just like the US, is very diverse! There are people from the Middle East, The Czech Republic, Africa, China, Vietnam, you name it! The common English dish is usually roast dinner and the also a dish adapted from India which is called Curry. Mexican food in the States is like Indian food in the UK. Curry is so good and I made some a few days ago! The streets in Great Britain are so narrow and hard to get around at times. I am telling you, if you try to drive here you will be deathly afraid for your life driving. Also how they say "Thank You" in Great Britain is the word "Cheers" which sounds so cool when you say it in a British accent (Try it!). Over here they really keep an eye on the things going on in the US! They pay alot of attention also to American politics which is very interesting! Great Britain is a very interesting place!
I have been reading in the Doctrine & Covenants alot lately in my personal study! The other day I read on the Priesthood in Section 107 I believe. The last two verses were very clear and powerful! If you have time to read 100 verses, read Section 107 in D&C on the Priesthood! It made me realize how important God's Priesthood truly is and how great of a privilege it to hold it!
Well hope all is well with you all! Keep smiling and remember that I love you all!
Much Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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