Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey there!
Before I begin I just wanted to let you all know that when you send letters to the mission address, I don't get to get those letters till I have Zone Conference (which is two weeks away) so if you sent something don't think I'm ignoring you lol!
So last week was just amazing! In the EMM we had a fast, find and feast week which is so amazing! This is what happened at it:

So me and Elder Sutton went out for the 10am-12pm consecrated finding. We were walking and trying to find people to talk to and a few minutes in we didn't find anyone. Then we were walking near the fitness center we always pass and we stopped a young man named Jason. We started talking to him and he told us a little bit about himself. We asked him if he ever heard about the Church before. He said that he heard of some famous rugby players who went on missions for the Church and how big of an example they were to him. We asked him if we could share a message with him and he accepted it! He was off to catch the bus and he wanted us to come with him to the bus stop. Whilst walking, we taught him about the Restoration. When we got to the bus stop I gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. We then set up a time to meet with him. In the midst of doing that, the bus came and that was his bus. We told him we would go on the bus with him. We got on the bus and set up the appointment. Elder Sutton got the impression to ask him to be baptized and HE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!! We then hopped off the bus and then said a prayer with him on the spot! We then parted ways.
After that prayer, I started to shed tears of gratitude because of the miracle and the tender mercy that was bestowed upon us!
I know that the Lord is mindful of His missionaries and that this is His work. I know that He lives and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here on the Earth again! I say this in His name, even Jesus Christ, Amen!
Thank you for your love and your prayers for me. I love you all very much! Keep smiling!
With Love,
Elder Terrence M. Taylor

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