Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!

Before I begin I just wanted to thank my friend Sheyla from Montreal for the letter. It was really nice to hear from you and nice to hear that you read the blog. I will definitely write you back today!

Ok so it was such a busy week last week and this week will be even busier! We had our consecrated fast/finding days last Friday and Saturday where we were proselyting for 5 hours on Saturday and fasting on Friday. Me and Elder Sutton worked our hardest and really strived to receive some new investigators. We set a few appointments and had some great Gospel conversations with people on the street. The England Manchester Mission is DEFINITELY a "FOREVER FINDING" mission. The Lord has trust in all of His missionaries around the world to seek out the people who are prepared to receive this message. As I continue to be an excelling missionary, the Lord will bless me in all that I do in His name. It is such a blessing to be out here.

So Rong Xin Zhou (our investigator) came to church again yesterday which is so great because now he can be baptized this Saturday the 22nd of September!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! He is just such a solid young man who will be such an amazing member and maybe someday a full time missionary for the Lord! He is a Platinum investigator who just continues to progress and continues to be obedient. I hope that his baptism goes through and that he continues to endure to the end. We are also teaching a young lady named Amaara Sharpe and she is from South Africa but has lived on the Isle of Man most of her life. She has friends who are members and they continue to invite her to things that the ward or the stake puts on for the youth. We feel that she is ready for baptism but her parents don't want her to rush into this and just give up on it part way through. We need to get her to continue to come to church, read/pray about the Book of Mormon and continue to progress towards baptism. She will definitely press forward.

This week me and Elder Sutton are going across to England for a Zone Conference; it should be really good! This is my first Zone Conference so I am very interested to know what we will be doing for it! Also as a side note: I may be transferring to another area in October. I will keep you all posted so that you can know if I will be here or in another area.

Thank you all for the prayers and your love. Know that I love you all very much. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true Church on the earth today. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is eternal and perfect in every way. As we grow closer to the time of General Conference, find ways to prepare for it. The way I would prepare for Conference is that I would fast from Facebook for the whole week before Conference (when I was home) and pray in the middle of the fast about things I wanted to improve in my life. I issue this commitment to all who will be watching Conference so that the Spirit of the Lord can work through you; prepare for Conference in your own way by fasting from something you do temporally everyday, pray and/or read past General Conference talks. I promise you that you will pick out something from a talk that you needed in your personal life. Keep smiling and continue to press forward. Cheers (that's what they say on the British Isles basically saying buh bye)!

With Love,

Elder Terrence M. Taylor

PS- I love receiving letters so if you have time (Kira Golay, Ashely Dodge & Smith, Louis Wilson, David Paxman, Bryson Lamerouex, Daniel Kendall and other friends) write me. LOL :D

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